Alexander / Robinson Guitar Duo

The Alexander / Robinson Guitar Duo

Welcome to the home page of the Alexander / Robinson Guitar Duo.

Duo at Quecumbar pic

Andy Robinson (left) and Charles Alexander (right). On stage at the Quecumbar in Battersea, London.
Photo: © Peter Durant

Available for bookings - concerts, clubs, private parties, corporate receptions, etc.
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This is what we sound like...

My Funny Valentine
Walk Don't Run
River Quay
Honeysuckle Rose


Performing at the Richmond Jazz Festival, April 2012.

We're based in London, England.

Charles plays a 1968 Gibson ES 335 TD guitar.

Andy is also the proprietor of Seventh String Software and author of "Transcribe!", software to help transcribing music from recordings.
He plays a 1996 custom 7 string by Andy Manson (it has the usual 6 strings plus an extra low A).