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Andy Robinson - Solo CD

"Float and Be Orange"

This is an album of solo 7 string guitar music recorded by me in 2001. It is available by download only, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. Search for "Float and be Orange" (which is what your lifeboat should do, if you have a lifeboat).

Those download services give very little information, so here are some details.

1. Mean to Me (Roy Turk, Fred E. Ahlert) 2:03
2. My Foolish Heart (Victor Young) 3:55
3. Triste (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 3:26
4. The Wedding (Abdullah Ibrahim) 3:32
5. Pavane for a Dead Princess (Maurice Ravel) 6:35
6. They Can't Take That Away From Me (George & Ira Gershwin) 2:50
7. Brazilian Beat (Barney Kessel) 3:33
8. Midnight at the Oasis (David Nichtern) 4:46
9. Old Folks (Willard Robison) 4:46
10. Coisa Feita (João Bosco, Aldir Blanc, Paulo Emilio) 5:32
11. Manoir de Mes Rêves (Django Reinhardt) 3:37

All arrangements by Andy Robinson except They Can’t Take That Away From Me arranged by George Van Eps.

Guitar: Magpie cutaway seven string flat-top by Andy Manson and Andy Petherick of Manson Guitars, Exeter.
Tuning: Standard six string tuning plus low A.
Strings: by Malcolm Newton of Newtone Strings, Heanor, Derbyshire.
Pickup: Sunrise six string magnetic pickup by James Kaufman of Van Nuys, California (adjusted for seven string balance).
Recording: No microphone was used - the pickup was recorded directly to a DAT machine. There are edits but no overdubs.
Mastering: was done at SRT, St Ives, by Nick Watson.

Salseology & my secret weapon, the trombone

Here is a video with me in it, on YouTube
Yes of course we are miming in the video, but it really is me playing both trombone parts in the recording.

Travelling Music

The show "For the Love of Chocolate" may or may not appear above, depending on whether there are any performances in the near future. We use some background music before the show starts which I wrote and recorded specially for the show, in fact it's an extended version of a tune used also during the show itself. Sometimes people ask what it is and whether they can buy it somewhere - honest, they really do! So I decided to make it available here - you can download the mp3 for nothing.

Click to download: Travelling Music - Written and performed by Andy Robinson, Copyright (C) 2003 Andy Robinson.

It's called "Travelling Music" because that's what it's used for in the show, it's intended to have a Mexican flavour because that's where the Aztecs discovered chocolate, it's double-tracked nylon string guitar, it's a nine minute improvisation with no edits, it's about 5 MB big.


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