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Charles Alexander

Study Jazz Guitar with Charles Alexander
Charles offers private tuition in Jazz Guitar in SW London.
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Jazz Guitar Video Lessons with Charles Alexander

You can find video lessons on Charles' YouTube channel "Charles Alexander Jazz Guitar".
More lessons will soon be added.

"Bottom String Blues" is both fun to play and a useful study in 3-string voicings for rhythm guitar. Try using some of its five chord phrases when comping on other songs and jazz standards.
Click here for the YouTube video.
And you can download the written music and text for the lesson here (right-click, or control-click on Mac, and "Save As").

Jazz Guitar Classes with Charles Alexander

Charles Alexander teaches an intermediate and an advanced jazz guitar course at the Richmond Adult Community College. The courses comprise 35 weekly lessons of two hours each throughout the autumn, spring and summer terms. The classes are ideal for guitarists who have been playing the guitar for a few years, and have either already begun to play some jazz on their instrument or have already developed some jazz chops. The classes take a hands-on approach that will help to consolidate your skills, and cultivate your fluency with scales, arpeggios, chords, progressions and jazz patterns. In additional to practical skills, you will also learn enough theory of jazz guitar harmony to expand your practical abilities in comping and improvisation. An important part of the learning process will include study of popular jazz guitar standards; playing their melodies, their accompanying chord progressions, and using these to develop improvisational lines and comping fluency. Charles provides a wealth of original course materials to students by email, including lead sheets, chord progression charts, improvisation strategies, and recommended performance video clips (on Youtube).

You can learn more about these classes by clicking on these links:

Learn Intermediate Jazz Guitar

Learn Advanced Jazz Guitar

Please enrol early to be sure of a place!


These classes are all at: Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot, Richmond TW9 2RE, UK (five minutes’ walk from Richmond Station)


If you have any queries about the Jazz Guitar courses, please send a message to Charles Alexander via the CONTACT facility on the home page.


In January 2015 Richmond Adult Community College opened a brand new Theatre, a new Music Room and a spacious, comfortable Foyer area with excellent coffee and baguettes served by The Educated Palette. After classes at lunchtime on Saturday mornings, there is always live jazz in the Foyer.


These Jazz Guitar classes are a part of the Richmond Jazz School which offers a range of jazz classes for instrumentalists and vocalists. You will have opportunities to interact with other RJS students and there will be several jazz events in the new Theatre.